Xzapherus was the first god to appear out of the vortex. He was the smartest and strongest of all the gods.He created Gahenna and filled it with life. Xzapherus is the god of the sprites, they are his creation. When Gahenna was finished Xzapherus created the elemental gods, Ratika, Snoh, Zenir, and Suchura. Xzapherus was later married to Lunessa after confessing his love fo her. Xzapherus is the father of the spirit god, Zolnir. Xzapherus went into a frenzy after the death of Zolnir at the hands of Uruuk's demons, and caused a flood destroying life on Gahenna, but was defeated and imprisoned inside Gahenna. Lunessa and Astrin later released him to stop Uruuk and rescue Arcnene, who sacrificed herself to save them.


Lunessa was the second god to appear out of the vortex, and the first female god. Lunessa created the moon and Alyskus, a kingdom on the moon. Lunessa put some remaining star dust, the essence of the universe, in her womb and gave birth to Arcnene, Ionis, and Renee. When Xzapherus created Gahenna he allowed Luness
a to create some life of her own on Gahenna, so Lunessa created the Alysians. The Alysians were pale skinned being with white and silver hair, and gray eyes. Lunessa later fell in love with one of the Alysians, Alykris, and disguised herself as his wife, and slept with him. In doing so Lunessa gave birth to demigods, who became known as Alyskins. Lunessa later married Xzapherus and gave birth to Zolnir, the spirit god. When Xzapherus caused the flood, with the help of other gods, Lunessa imprisoned Xzapherus inside Gahenna. Seeing no other choice Lunessa freed Xzapherus to save Arcnene from Uruuk. Lunessa is the lunar god, god of the Alysians, and Alyskins.


Uruuk was the last god to appear out of the vortex. He is a very je
alous god, he repeatedly gets jealous of his brother, Xzapherus. Uruuk created Lazarus, a world much similar to Gahenna. In Lazarus Uruuk created demons to serve him, and his own kingdoms. With the permission of Xzapherus, Uruuk created humans to ive on Gahenna with the Sprites and Alysians. Uruuk made the humans hate the Alysians and Sprites. He had his demons teach the humans demonic magic. After Arina, queen of Dis, destroyed Titania, Uruuk made her a god and married her. Uruuk is the father of Aziel, who lead a second attack on Titania. During Aziel's attack Uruuk captures Arcnene and brings her to Lazarus to absorb the star dust that her body produces. He is then defeated by Xzapherus, Lunessa, and Astrin.