The daughters of Lunessa were Archnene, Renee, and Ionis who were created from stardust.



Renee is the second born of the three sisters. She is the goddess of love and marriage. Renee doesn't play a major role in stories but she is prayed to by Alysians, Sprites, and humans as well. Since she is the goddess of love, she is prayed to by all for problems and guidance in love, marriage, and relationships.



Arcnene is the goddess of magic. She is the youngest of the sisters which is why her body radiates stardust. Arcnene is married to the hero Godrick and their son is the demigod Astrin. Alysian sorcerers pray to her for guidance in magic and protection from dark magic. In the story of The Flood she helped her mother and sisters battle Xzapherus, and created the chains that locked him in the core of Gahenna. In the battle against her son Astrin and Uruuk's son Aziel, Archnene was captured, and Uruuk abosrbed her star dust to get stronger. She sacrifices herself to give Xzapherus and Lunessa power enough to defeat Uruuk.