Alysian Sacrifice

Alysian sacrafice was intended to worship Lunessa and her daughters, Renee, Ionis, and Arcnene. The Alysians preformed a series of rituals through the year. For the first three months of the year, the Alysians would gather the whitest trees in Moongrove, then they would build a pyre and burn it under every fll moon. While the pyre was burning they would sig, dance, eat moon shade deserts, and drink alcoholic beverages. In the next three months, once a month the Alysian hunter would hunt the silver furred rabbits. They would kill the rabbit on an alter, cook the meat, then have a feast. The next three month the Alysian blacksmiths would gather moonstones and smelt them to see who could make the best jewlery for Lunessa. In the last three months the Alysian kingdom is filled with monthy celebrations, feasts, and festivals. On the last day of the year the Alysian king, Godrick, chooses who is the most beautiful Alysian girl, then she is sacrificed to Lunessa. In her death she becomes one of Lunessa's Alykins.

Sprite Sacrifice

When the sprites worshipped Xzapherus, the god had each village sacrifice a new born child every month. With Xzapherus imprisoned the sprites worshipped the elemental gods, Zenir, Suchura, Snoh, and Ratika. The strongest warrior in every sprite village would cut off their wings in tribute to the sprite hero, Lyren. When the warriors cut off their wings they would pile all of them up, and burn them as a sacrifice to Zenir. When the sprites warriors died, they were buried under sacred trees, and their spirits were given to Suchura. Every month all the sprites in the villages would shed a few drops of blood in Snoh’s sacred lake. It was a sacrifice to Snoh, so that the goddess would let the lake keep filling the forests with life and magic. Ratika did not ask the sprites to sacrifice to her. She gave the sprites weapons, armor, and trained their warriors. Ratika asked for nothing in return, for she loved the sprites above all else.

Human Sacrifice

The human sacrifices were very cruel and barbaric. The sacrifices made the intelligent humans look like savages. To honor Arina, the goddess of war, human warriors and hunters would ride to sprite villages to slaughter them. They hunters then would chop the dead sprites up and feed them to their hounds. If the hunters capture the leader of the village, they would sacrifice him to Arina and Uruuk by ripping off his wings, and then cut his head off. Through out the year hunters would form a party that would search through the forests looking for any Alysians wandering around. If any Alysians were found they were captured and taken back to the human city, Dis. The captured Alysian was a male they were held in prison until there was a full moon, then they were taken to the top of a tower and had their hearts cut out. Doing this was Uruuk’s way of spitting in Lunessa’s face. If Alysian women were captured there was no hope for them. The most beautiful Alysian female was taken to the royal family, there the king and his sons would rape the Alysian repeatedly for a few weeks until they were tired of her. Then the Alysian was taken to the royal dining room, were the chef would slit her throat and cook her right there, for the royal family to dine on that evening. The guts of the Alysian were grinded up and fed to the starving Alysians in prison. All of this was done to honor Uruuk and Arina, and to spite Lunessa.