From the very beginning sprites had a very small population compared to humans and even Alysians. The sprites were a peaceful race; they never fought in wars or any kind of battle. They chose to stay away from humans and Alysians to avoid conflict. Sprites lived very long lives, longer then any Alysian or human, so they didn’t worry about marriage and families as much. They lived peacefully in the forests Xzapherus had made for them.

With the attack of the three demon lords on the sprite villages, their population had decreased drastically. They sprites weren’t warriors nor sorcerers, so they were very weak, and stood no chance against the demons. The three demon lords slaughtered hundreds of sprites in search of Zolnir. Xzapherus’ flood showed no mercy no any creature, not even sprites, Xzapherus’ creation. All hope for the sprites was not lost, for another god loved them.

When they flood came, to the sprites it seemed like all hope was lost, and most of them died in the flood. The goddess of earth Suchura managed to hide a handful of sprites underground where they were safe from the raging waters of the flood. The sprites were very close to extinction. When the flood cleared Suchura brought the sprites back to their forests, which had survived the flood with only a little damage. The remaining sprites on made a small village. Some sprites saw no hope for their race and felt they would all die out, so a few sprites left the village to travel Gahenna.

Lyren was a sprite, who was different from the rest, unlike most sprites he was adventurous, he was stronger, and taller then most sprites. Lyren’s wings were bigger then most sprites as well. Even though Lyren was a rare sprite, no one in the village liked him, they all shunned him, but Lyren ignored them. A few years later and Lyren became an adult sprite, and their population still had not grown at all, the rest of the sprites seemed to have accepted extinction. Lyren was different he didn’t want his people to die off, he wanted them to live in cities like the Humans and Alysians. To do that Lyren knew he would have to increase the sprite population, but his mother was the only female in the village, others had died from suicide and sickness.

Lyren knew a few female sprites had left to village to explore the world, so he wanted to do the same and search for a female to be his bride. Lyren knew that outside the forest the world was filled with danger, and like every sprite he had no experience in battle. The sprites now worshipped the elemental gods, so Lyren prayed to Ratika, the goddess of metal for guidance. Ratika appeared before he, she to had loved the sprites and wanted to help them as best she could. Ratika took Lyren with her back to her home, there she trained him. She taught him how to wield a sword, bow and arrows, and hand to hand combat. Ratika trained him just like how she trained the first humans, it wasn’t easy training, but Lyren pulled through.

Ratika crafted Lyren some armor, the armor was light, but was made from some of the strongest metals on Gahenna. The armor had a forest green color, and it fit perfectly on Lyren’s new muscular body., for Lyren had grown even taller and stronger. Lyren wanted to bring sprites into a new age, were the sprites aren’t a weak race that hides in the forests. Lyren saw the sprites’ wings as a weakness, and a representation of how the sprites have been living, so he took his sword and cut them off. Lyren had light skin with a yellow tint, and wore Ratika’s light green armor, and wore two long swords behind his back. Lyren’s two antennas dangled over Lyren’s face. Suchura and the other elemental gods gave Lyren the power to bend the elements to his will. Lyren received blessings from the gods and they showed him where to go to meet his new bride. Lyren headed in to the direction the gods had told him, while practicing his new magic a long the way. A sprite saw Lyren and looked at him in amazement, but Lyren paid no attention to him. Lyren walked out of the forests and was in the flat plains, this was human territory, but the gods told him to keep going straight so he obeyed.

Lyren came across a small human village, Lyren was unsure if a female sprites was here, but Lyren trusted the gods, so he went in the village. The village was empty, so Lyren looked through all the houses and and tents, but he didn’t find a female sprite. Lyren walked further into the village and he saw all the humans on their hands and knees mumbling some spell under their breath. Lyren saw a female sprite lying on the alter, and a priest was almost ready to sacrifice her into a demon. When Lyren had drew his swords and the demon they were summoning appeared, it was Elytian the fire lord.

Lyren was instantly filled with hate, even though he was a child he still remembers Elytian and the other demons slaughtering his people. Lyren was blinded by rage and charged in the human church. With his new power he disposed the humans and the fire demons that were with Elytian. Lyren became very confident in his new power and felt like he could defeat anyone. Lyren prayed to the elemental gods, for guidance, and mastery over his new spells.

It was a long and bloody battle and both sides were severely wounded. Elytian was very weak, he felt ashamed that he was being bested by a sprite, which was considered the weakest race. Lyren was very proud of himself, he was happy he was going to get revenge for his brother, who was killed by the demon lords when they attacked the forest. Lyren hated demons, especially Elytian. Lyren had seen Elytian incinerate many sprites to ashes, and he wanted revenge. Lyren charged Elytian, but the demon casted a spell which pushed Lyren back and shattered his armor. Elytian was about to deliver the final blow, but Zenir, the god of wind, and Snoh the goddess of water appeared. The two gods finished of Elytian and saved Lyren’s life.

Lyren went to the alter and untied the female sprite from the alter. The female sprite’s name was Leera, she was thankful that Lyren had saved her. Lyren told her his plans for the futre of their race, and Leera agreed with him. The two sprites married, and had many children, doing this inspired other sprites to do the same. With the sprites reproducing more their population slowly grew. It was still many years later, long after Lyren’s death, but the sprites eventually built a city and lived there in peace. The sprites made a statue of Lyren and followed his example; they all trained to be warriors and practiced the elemental magic that the elemental gods had given them. By the time Lyren died of old age he and Leera had thirteen children.