Godrick was an Alysian war hero, who survived Arina’s attack on Titania. With the help of Lunessa and her daughters he led the remaining Alysians away from there and to a new land. Lunessa guided the Alysians to the Moongrove woods, the forest Xzapherus made to show his love to Lunessa. Because of what Xzapherus had done the forest only gave Lunessa grief, but the land was beautiful and a good hidden place for the Alysians to live. Ratika and Suchura felt sorry for the Alysians, who lost everything, their homes, friends, and family. The two goddesses built the Alysians a new home to rebuild their civilization. Suchura and Ratika made the new kingdom larger and stronger than the previous kingdom. Ratika had mixed every stone in the new kingdom with moonstone to make it stronger and resistant against magic.

The Alysians called the kingdom New Titania. Arcnene taught every Alysian magic, so that they could all defend themselves and use it for good. With the Alysian population so near extinction, Ionis and Renee helped the Alysian women give birth to children. The Alysian population was only a little over 2,000 and they reproduced a lot slower than humans, so they were always outnumbered by humans. The Alysian population started to grow more, and they knew they needed a leader to govern the growing population. Godrick was loved and respected by all the Alysians, so he became king of New Titania.

Just like every Alysian alive, Godrick wanted revenge against Arina and every living human. Lunessa hated wars and didn’t want more Alysians to die in them, especially not for revenge, so she forbade the Alysians from going to war. The Alysians were angered by Lunessa’s decision, but they loved the goddess and chose to obey her. Godrick was a good ruler and the Alysians lived in peace for many years.

Lunessa still grieved over Xzapherus, for she had truly loved him. She wore the ancient moonstone across her neck which was the key to Xzapherus’ prison; no longer wanting it near her she placed it beneath New Titan with out the Alysian’s knowledge. Lunessa was sure no one would ever find it, and that Xzapherus would be in prisoned for eternity. Godrick didn’t want the New Titania to be unprepared for war like it was before. He planned to listen to Lunessa and not go to war, but he stilled wanted Titania to be ready to defend itself if humans ever found them. Arcnene trained more sorcerers and Godrick trained warriors. Godrick had Alysians go to work creating weapons such as: catapults, bows and arrows, swords, bombs, and armor. Godrick’s Titania was not going to be neither weak nor easily defeated; he was ready for any attack the humans could throw at him.

Godrick went with a group of Alysian sorcerers and explorers to explore the rest of Moongrove woods. At the north end of Moongrove there was vast green forests where the sprites lived, and they too had a small population, for there wasn’t many left after the flood. The east and west ends of Moongrove were just coastlines to the ocean. The south end of Moongrove was bordered by a large mountain range; the explorers couldn’t find a path through the mountains. The sorcerers used their magic to peer far beyond the mountain range, miles and miles away the Sorcerers saw the human kingdom, Dis, which had grown far larger than before. Godrick was shocked to hear the news, and rushed back to new Titania. Godrick had made it forbidden to go near the mountain range, so that there was no chance of them being discovered.

Godrick increased New Titania’s defenses just in case. By order of the new goddess Arina, Straus and other shadow demons searched the continent for the remaining Alysians. Arina knew that Lunessa had hidden them away, and she was determined to have every Alysian dead. Straus and his shadow demons traveled through the sprite forest, while killing some sprites along the way. The shadow demons traveled through the forests for many days and night, but found nothing, so Straus began to think Lunessa moved them to the moon, which would be untouchable by demons and humans. Straus saw a forest filled with white and gray trees, though the trees looked strong then any tree in the sprite forest. Straus and his demons tried to enter the forest but was blocked by a strong barrier. Straus knew this barrier was the work of Arcnene, so the Alysians must be in here he thought. Straus and his demons combined their shadow magic together, and Straus managed to slip through the barrier, but only he was able to make it through.

Straus searched through the white forest looking for settlements or any signs of Alysians. Finally he came across a vast city with huge gleaming white walls and towers. Straus knew this was the new Alysian city. Straus had finally found it and he was overjoyed. The city also had a barrier, but it was much weaker and Straus was able to phase through it. Like a ghost Straus turned invisible and phased through the walls and buildings. Straus spied on the Alysians trying to find some weakness in their defenses, but he couldn’t, the Alysians were far stronger than before. The shadow demon knew defeating them would be no easy task. Straus felt strong magic deep within the city and went towards where it was coming from. What Straus felt wasn’t coming from any Alysians, and he felt it beneath the city, so he phased through the ground and solid rock. Deep below the Alysian city Straus found the moonstone, and he knew it was the necklace Lunessa wore, but he had no idea the moonstone was a key to Xzapherus’ prison. While Straus was heading toward the moonstone, Lunessa appeared before king Godrick. “King Godrick without your knowledge I hid the moonstone that is the key to Xzapherus’ prison beneath your city”, said Lunessa, “I am sorry for this, but a shadow demon has found it if he brings it to Uruuk Xzapherus could be released, and if Xzapherus is released that could mean the end of Gahenna”, Lunessa explained. Godrick did not question Lunessa, and set uo a group of warriors and sorcerers to find the demon. By the time Godrick had the group ready Straus was leaving the city. Godrick and his soldiers rode on white horses; the sorcerers with them could track the shadow demon. When they had caught up with Straus, he had regrouped with the other shadow demons. Godrick charged the demons without hesitation, and Godrick had brought 15 men with him, and Straus had 6 demons with him. When the fighting stopped there was only Godrick, two other Alysians, 2 shadow demons, and Straus. Godrick knew shadow demons were hard to kill but he was determined to defeat them and return the moonstone to Lunessa. Straus stayed in the back while the other 2 shadow demons charged at the Alysians. The shadow demons were killed, but only Godrick remained, and he was exhausted he had never fought a demon before. Godrick had heard stories of shadow demons strength, and knew he was about to fight the strongest one.

Godrick felt discouraged, but he prayed to Lunessa and Arcnene for strength. Day had turned to night, just like Straus wanted, for shadow magic was stronger at night, but Lunessa and Arcnene had heard Godrick’s prayers, and the moon came out and a ray of white light shined on Godrick. Godrick’s wounds were healed, and Arcnene filled him with more magic power. Godricks sword shined brighter than the moon, and the light blinded Straus, and Godrick cut him down in one swing. The shadow demon disappeared and Godrick picked up the moonstone then headed back to New Titania. Another demon lurked in the shadows, and he quickly headed back to Dis to inform the humans of the location of the Alysian’s new kingdom.

Fearing the moonstone falling into Uruuk’s hands Lunessa decided to wear it on her neck again. Lunessa, who was very grateful and proud of Godrick, gave him the gift of agelessness. Godrick was still able to die but he would never grow old. Arcnene was proud of Godrick, but not only that the goddess fell in love with the Alysian king. Lunnessa gave Arcnene her blessing, and Godrick, who was surprised to hear the goddess of magic herself loved him, accepted immediately. Godrick became the eternal king of Alysians, and Arcnene at his side became the queen.