In the Alysian city the goddess and queen of New Titania, Arcnene was having a child. She named him Astrin. He had blue eyes, pale skin, with white and silver hair. Arcnene and the Alysian sorcerers could sense the magical power coming from the child. Astrin was the son of Godrick, king of the Alysians, and Arcnene goddess of magic; he was the world’s first demigod. Everyone knew Astrin would be very powerful and be a great leader for the Alysians. The Alysians had high hopes for Astrin.

Meanwhile, a human sorcerer, Leina, was giving birth. Leina was giving birth to Uruuk’s child, and named him Aziel. Uruuk had snuck in to her bed and raped her, he wanted to make heroes to be in his army. The infant opened his eyes when he was born, and revealed his bright red eyes, that were a sign of great power. Uruuk watched over Leina and her child he knew Aziel would grow up to be a powerful warrior. With the birth of Aziel another demigod was born.

The moment the two demigods could walk they were trained in battle. The Alysians wanted Astrin to be their savior and fight the humans to end their fear of them. The humans wanted Aziel to lead the in battle and crush the Alysian city, New Titania. The five demon lords Crystel, Borax, Lanthanim, and the reborn, Elytian, and Straus taught Aziel their demonic magic. Aziel learned quickly, faster then any sorcerer before him he was very powerful. He became a master of all the demonic arts, Aziel made Uruuk proud. The goddess of magic, Arcnene trained her son Astrin in the ways of magic, while his father Godrick taught him how to fight with a sword. Astrin was also a very fast learner, he could even stop some of Arcnene’s strongest spells, and land a blow on Godrick when sparing.

The two demigods were becoming very powerful and soon their fates would intertwine. Twenty years has pasted since the birth of the two demigods. Aziel was preparing the human army at Dis for war. Aziel planned to march his armies in the vast forests to wipe out every last sprite, and burn the forest. He knew if he burn the sprite forest it would be easy to find the Alysian kingdom, New Titania, and destroy it. Aziel wore light armor, but it was made out of Lazranium a gift from Uruuk, so it was stronger then the thickest armors and lighter. Aziel had two long swords at his side; one had the power of lightning given to him by Borax, and the other had the power of plague, given to him by Straus. With his new army, Aziel marched out of Dis and toward the sprite forests.

News of the human’s campaign reached New Titania quickly, for the Alysians were always spying on the humans. Godrick was shocked; he knew that if they burned the sprite forest it would only be a matter of time before they find New Titania. “Father, why don’t we fight the humans? We have been hiding in living here in fear for to long!” said Astrin, “We should take the fight to them, the humans are not invincible we can defeat them”. “Your right my son, No longer shall we hide from the humans, nor sit here while they ravages the lands of Gahenna”, said Godrick,” Even if it means defying Lunessa we will stand up to the humans, and defend the sprites”. Arcnene agreed with her son and husband, and planned to fight along side the Alysians knowing her mother Lunessa would forbid it. Godrick and Astrin gather the massive Alysian army. Godrick was still worried, his armies were very well trained, but none of them had ever fought in a real battle, and he wondered what Lunessa would do if she knew what He was about to do. Despite the doubts, Godrick, Astrin, and Arcnene led the Alysian armies out of New Titania and in to the sprite forests.

Aziel and his armies were blazing through the sprite forests. They slaughtered every sprite that came in to their view, none were spared. The burn all the villages they came across and moved on. The forests burned away, the fire demons protected Aziel’s armies from the flames. As the trees around them were in a blaze a great wind blew over the army and blew out all the flames. The god of wind, Zenir appeared before Aziel with fury in his eyes. Even though Zenir looked like a child, he wasn’t a child and was very powerful. “How dare you attack these villages You will feel the wrath of the elemental gods, human”, cried Zenir. “I do not fear you nor any elemental gods, I will kill you and the other elemental gods just as easy as I killed these sprites”, explained Aziel. Zenir was very angry and called upon the winds. A powerful wind started blowing around Aziel’s army, before they knew it they were in the middle of a tornado. Soldiers were caught in the wind and blew away while other cling to roots on the ground, trying not to get sucked in the vortex. Aziel did not need to hold on to anything he sat on top of his horse unaffected by the wind, as if it was only a breeze. Aziel laughed at the god “Haha is that all the power you have, Zenir? This is pathetic do you really consider yourself a god?”, asked Aziel. Zenir became even angrier than before, Zenir charged at Aziel with more power. Aziel didn’t even flinch, he learned even stronger magic than demon magic from his father, Uruuk, it was magic used to kill gods. Even though Zenir was the wind itself Aziel grabbed him by the neck, changing him into his physical form. “How is this possible?” asked Zenir “Perhaps you will find out in the after life”, replied Aziel. The demigod stabbed Zenir in the stomach and ripped him open killing him instantly, he then cut off his head and put it in a bag. When the god died the wind stop blowing the air was still, not even a breeze blew, and Aziel knew that it never would again.

The army cheered in triumph, for their savior Aziel had slain a god. The humans praised Aziel even more and started worshipping him as if he had became a god. Uruuk was very proud of his son and knew that Zenir was only the first of many gods that would die at Aziel’s sword. Aziel set the trees and the forest back on fire with the help of fire demons, then continued marching into the forests. They came across another sprite village and it was destroyed just as easy as the others. The sprites in this village saw what Aziel had done and knew death was coming for them, so they didn’t fight back they sat there and waiting for death. Aziel was very pleased with himself, he wanted to strike that same fear into every Alysian.

Arcnene could sense Zenir had been killed, she was shocked. “Zenir has been slain”, cried Arcnene “That’s not possible who is strong enough to do such a thing?” asked Astrin. “Do you think Uruuk marches with them?” asked Godrick. “I hope not, if so all hope is lost for the Alysians”, replied Arcnene. The Alysian army entered the sprite forest and headed in the direction the humans would be coming from. Astrin, who never experience a real battle, was very excited he couldn’t wait to fight the humans, and he was determined to find whoever killed Zenir and end him. Godrick could sense his son’s excitement and hoped it wouldn’t get to his head and cause him to be killed. They could see the smoke now, it was pitch black and rose high above the trees. The Alysian army rode through the tree and entered the open field where the sprite city was. The great sprite city was burning before their eyes, they were all shocked, Godrick thought they could make it in time, but the humans were faster then he had thought. Astrin was very angry “Those damn humans I will kill all of them”, cried Astrin. He rode toward the city with his legion following him. “Wait!” yelled Godrick, but he knew his words was falling on deaf ears for there was no stopping Astrin. Godrick followed his son’s lead and charged after him with his army following close behind.

Aziel knew the Alysians would come he had been sitting on the sprite king’s throne waiting for them to come. Once a scout had told him of the Alysians arrival and evil grin came across Aziel’s face he knew that if an Alysian army was here then New Titania must not be far away. Aziel marched his army out of the burning city and toward the charging Alysians. The two armies crashed head on, the battled started immediately. Swords were clashing and spells were being shot back and forth, Aziel was very pleased for he was finally fighting the Alysian army. Aziel jumped off his horse and started cutting down some Alysian warriors. He was very powerful and no Alysian that came in his path stood a chance, he killed them effortlessly.

Meanwhile, Astrin was fighting with all his might, he did not hold back against the humans. He fought with his long sword in one hand cutting off heads while casting powerful spells with the other. The Alysians saw Astrin’s fighting ability and were inspired by him, so they fought the humans with everything they had. A huge explosion went off, and when it did bother armies stopped in their place. Aziel was fighting Godrick, the humans knew that he was the Alysian king, and the Alysians figured he must be the human leader. The two warriors were staring each other down as the moved around in a circle each with their swords in hand. Astrin stood in the crowd as he watched his father face off against the human. He had great faith in his father and knew he would defeat him, and then he and the army could defeat the rest of the humans. Even Aziel’s army stood and watched the fight, none of them were worried for they saw Aziel killed Zenir and knew the Alysian king wouldn’t put up much of a fight. Aziel started to chuckle “Well Godrick, King of the Alysians, how does it feel knowing your going to die?” asked Aziel. “What makes you so sure you can defeat me human?” replied Godrick. “I am Aziel son of Uruuk and slayer of the wind god Zenir” cried Aziel. Godrick was shocked to hear this, but he knew that it didn’t change anything he still had to fight him. The Alysian king charged first with his might sword, and swung it at Aziel. The demigod was very fast and dodged the blade. The two warriors fought each other, neither of them casted in spells it was a battle of swordsmanship. It was a duel, and surprisingly Alysians and humans had the same rule for duels, and that was no magic allowed. Astrin was happy his father fight, he had never see it before, and he was amazed by his father’s swordsmanship. Besides Astrin, both armies knew that in terms of swordsmanship both warriors were equally matched. The battle continued and neither of them was tired.”You fight well for an Alysian”, said Aziel. Godrick didn’t reply the only thing that was on his mind was killing this demigod standing before him. The Alysian king swung his sword at the human’s throat, but Aziel caught the blade with his gauntlet. Godrick was amazed that he could catch it, his sword was a magical blade made by Ratika and Arcnene it could cut through anything. “How?” asked Godrick, but Aziel only laughed and seized the moment of Godrick’s hesitation and sliced off his head. As Godrick’s head rolled on the ground tears ran down Astrin’s face. He couldn’t believe what just happened, and in a blind rage Astrin charged toward Aziel. Arcnene, who was also horrified, pulled her son back, and then she walked toward Aziel.

Purple lightning crackled around Arcnene rocks floated and twirled around her. The goddess’s eyes became black and magic surged in her hands. Aziel’s expression still did not change he truly feared nothing, even when about to face the goddess of magic’s fury. Aziel laughed harder then he had laughed before, and a huge grin came across Aziel’s face. “Are you angry Arcnene?” asked Aziel “Don’t speak fool”, replied Arcnene “I’m going to end you”. No Alysian had ever seen Arcnene angry, and they along with the humans cowered in fear. Astrin fell to his knees and wept over his father’s body. Arcnene and Aziel stared each other down, while the magical power around Arcnene grew and grew. Aziel smiled “We’ll have to continue this battle later”, said Aziel. He paused for a moment “Perhaps we’ll fight in your city, New Titania”, said Aziel as he laughed and disappeared. Arcnene grew very angier than before, she and the other Alysians noticed how small the human was. They knew that the human army was much larger than this, and then they finally realized what Aziel had meant when he said “We’ll fight in your city”. Arcnene unleashed her magic and it incinerated every last human Aziel had left behind. “Astrin lead the army back to New Titania I fear that Aziel is already there”, explain Arcnene, then she teleported away. Still saddened by the loss of his father, Astrin got on to his horse and led the army back to New Titania.

Aziel’s army was already inside New Titania the shadow demons teleported the army to the m oongrove, and Aziel broke the magic barriers protecting the city. The army rushed toward the city and quickly broke down the gate and charged inside. Aziel figured that only a small army was left behind to guard the city judging from the size of the one he just saw. With little defenses the Alysian city, New Titania was quickly ravaged by Aziel’s armies. While slaying servants and peasants Aziel walked into the throne room, but the moment he sat down Arcnene appeared before him. Aziel laughed “About time you got here”, said Aziel, “I thought you would keep me waiting.” The same magic as before circled around Arcnene. Aziel was still not afraid of Arcnene’s overwhelming magical power. The demigod held of a red stone toward Arcnene and it shined bright red, Arcnene’s magic quickly dissipated the stone was absorbing it. Aziel laughed even more “You are helpless now”; said Aziel the stone was draining Arcnene’s magic. The goddess fell to her knees and in pain she cried out “How can this be?” asked Arcnene, she had never seen anything like the red stone Aziel held. “My father created it”, Aziel explained, “Its absorbing the star dust your body is giving off”. Arcnene was shocked, the goddess was in excruciating pain, and Aziel laughed at her. As Arcnene was screaming in pain Uruuk appeared before them. “You have done well my son I am very proud of you”, said Uruuk. Magical chains appeared and wrapped around Arcnene. “What will be done with her”, asked Aziel “I’m going to torture and killed her”, replied Uruuk, “Then display her body in front of Lunessa”. Aziel smiled, as His father and Arcnene disappeared.

As Aziel sat on the Alysian throne, Astrin and his army rode toward New Titania. As they were riding toward New Titania, they could hear the screams coming from the the city miles away. A look of horror came across all their faces, but only one of anger came across Astrin’s. He couldn’t wait to see the human demigod again and killed him, there was nothing else on his mind. The army finally reached the city and rode inside, and just as they feared their city burned before them. Bodies littered the streets with pools of blood all around them. The Alysian soldiers were horrified tears shed down all their faces as the charged further into the city. They saw a group of humans, who were killing some Alysian women. Astrin was at the front of the charge and the first to jump off his horse and cut down one of the humans. Rage consumed Astrin as he sliced the human’s heads off, bloodlust was in Astrin’s eyes and his army was amazed. They felt sorry for Astrin, and shared his pain for they had loved their king and mourned his death as well. Astrin killed the group of humans all by himself, the army was to amazed by Astrin’s power to move. The demigod breathed heavily, but grew more excited at the sight of human blood on his hands.

The Alysian army could sense a change in Astrin, but now wasn’t the time to be worrying about that. Astrin and his army got back on their horses and rode in to the city in search for the human army, and the one Astrin wanted to kill, the demigod, Aziel. They saw the human army outside the castle they were killing and raping servants. Astrin’s anger grew even more, and charged at the humans. His army followed close behind, they clashed with the humans and fought as hard as they could. Astrin and his army caught the humans by surprise and were overwhelming them. More humans poured out of the castle, and clashed with the Alysian army. Demons also came out of the castle, Alysians had heard stories of the demons and they feared them none of them had ever seen one. The Alysians were putting up a good fight against the humans, but against the demons the Alysian warriors and sorcerers didn’t stand a chance. The demons were slaughtering them, every type of demon was in Aziel’s army. Ice maidens, though beautiful, were slaying Alysians and freezing them. Fire demons and Lightning demons burned Alysians to a crisp, while the shadow demons took and ate the Alysian’s souls.

Astrin using his powerful magical power fought the demons. He was the only one who stood a chance. He to had never seen nor fought a demon, but that thought never crossed his mind he only thought of killing as many of them as he could. Astrin’s sword had a bright silver glow as he cut through ice maidens and fire demons. Shadows demons crawled out of the shadows and surrounded Astrin, his body glowed bright just like his sword, but even brighter than before. The magical silver light destroyed the shadow demons, and freed the Alysian souls. Lightning struck at Astrin’s feet, and the great demon lord, Borax, stood before him. “ You fight well Alysian”, said Borax, “But your life shall end here”. “I will kill you just like I have killed these other demons”, replied Astrin. With out thinking Astrin charged toward Borax and swung his sword at him, but Borax was as fast as lightning and dodged the blade. Astrin kept swinging and missing, Borax was taunting him, which made Astrin angrier. To Borax’s amazement Astrin had grabbed on to his foot, and then casted a spell that rooted him to the ground. Borax couldn’t move and Astrin seized the opportunity and chopped Borax’s head off. The Alysian army saw what Astrin had did and cheered for him. Astrin heard a clapping sound and turned his head, and saw Aziel clapping his hands walking around the steps of the castle.

“I applaud you for defeating those demons and even killing Borax”, said Aziel “Your far better then that king”. Astrin charged toward Aziel without a word and lunged at him with his sword. Aziel blocked his blade with his own and the two demigods engaged in a battle. While the two demigods were fighting so too were their armies. Both sides were evenly matched it was impossible to tell who would win. Not being as powerful as Astrin, the Alysian sorcerers combined their magic power and attacked the demons that were slaughtering the soldiers. But the human sorcerers casted spell of their own on the Alysian sorcerers. The Alysian sorcerers had a curse placed on them, and blood poured out of their ears, mouth, and eyes. The Sorcerers screamed out in pain, as the demons they were fighting finished them off. Even with the loss of their strongest sorcerers the Alysian army was still holding their own against the human army. The warriors, though not as powerful as the sorcerers, knew magic as well and used it against the human warriors, who did not know magic. The Alysian warriors casted spells on their blades, and whenever it cut a human the wounds would burn and melt their skin. The Alysian warriors, who never fought in a war, were very well trained and in terms of swordsmanship they had the humans beat.

The humans stilled had the power of numbers, for there was hundreds more humans then there was Alysians, and the humans had lots of demons fighting a long side them. This war wasn’t going to be an easy win for any side. The two demigod’s swords clashed and sparks flew all around them. The warriors that were watching couldn’t even see their blades because of how fast they were being swung. To Aziel’s amazement he was being over powered by Astrin, but he casted a spell that melted Astrin’s sword, while his sword melted Aziel slashed Astrin across his chest. Astrin fell back with blood gushing from the wound an excruciating pain came over Astrin. Aziel had cut him with his sword of plague; Astrin was infected with Aziel’s dark magic. Astrin’s skin became darker and darker, as he screamed in pain. “You must be a demigod just like me”, said Aziel, “Or else you wouldn’t have put up such a good fight”. “Is Arcnene your mother?” asked Aziel, but Astrin was in to much pain to reply. Aziel laughed as he gazed at Astrin, who was squirming and screaming in pain. Two Alysian warriors charged at Aziel, while he was distracted. Aziel was quick and countered one of the warriors, but the other landed a blow and stabbed Aziel in the stomach. Aziel took the pain as if it was nothing and cut down the two warriors.

Aziel pulled out the sword in his side and used his fire magic to sear the wound close. Breathing heavily Aziel raised his sword to deliver the final blow to Astrin. As Aziel raised his sword a white light flashed from the sky and Alyskins descended from the heavens. The Alyskins were the daughters of Lunessa and the ancient Alysian prince Alykris, so they too were also demigods that live with Lunessa in Alyskus. The Alyskins clashed with the human and demon army and overwhelmed them. Some Alyskins went to the aid of the Alysians who were wounded in battle, they used their magic to heal their wounds, and when they did so the Alysians immediately got up and started fighting again. Alyskins also charged at Aziel, and saved Astrin the Alyskins used their magic to heal Astrin. Aziel wasn’t at all weakened by his injury, and fought the Alyskins even harder then he fought Astrin. Even with his armies being slaughtered right before his eyes, Aziel had the biggest grin on his face. Aziel enjoyed war and fighting there was nothing he loved more than a good battle, and he was fighting the hardest fight in his life. The Alyskins, who were also demigods, were very powerful, and Aziel was fight five of them at once. Even with the advantage of number the Alyskins couldn’t defeat Aziel. Aziel’s face and skin became darker as black lightning crackled around him, and black energies swirled around him. Aziel continued the fight the Alyskins he was overwhelming them, his movements was much faster and stronger than before, the Alyskins Aziel was fighting fell one by one before him. The Alyskins were surprised and charged at Aziel more came at him this time the Alyskins could sense Uruuk’s power in him and knew he wouldn’t be easy to defeat.

The Alyskins fought hard, but just like their sisters before them everyone Alyskins, who charged at Aziel, died at Aziel’s blades. Aziel laughed manically as even more black lightning surrounded him. Astrin stood up and was completely healed by the Alyskins he grabbed his sword, and Astrin glowed with the same white light as before. Astrin and Aziel charged at each other, and when their swords clashed against each other white and black lightning flashed from their blades. Astrin glowed bright and was evenly matched with Aziel. As the two demigods were fight yet again the Alyskins were slaughtering Aziel’s army. The human warriors and sorcerers quickly died by the the hands of the Alyskins only the demons stood a chance aginst them. The shadow demons casted their magic and black chains wrapped around some Alyskins, and then fire demons incinerated them. The Alyskins’ sword glowed with the same white light as Astrin and it allowed them to cut the shadow demons, who are like ghost and are usually un affected by swords, and kill them. Ice maidens frozen some Alyskins, but the white light coming from their bodies broke them out of the ice. Fire balls flew through the skies as fire demons were casting spells and incinerating Alysian warriors. Lightning demons shot bolts of lightning, which killed Alysians and Alyskins instantly. The Alyskins were having troubled fighting the lightning demons, who were pure electricity and as fast as lighting.

As the war waged on the two demigods were fighting each other with all their might in a battle that showed no signs of an end. Aziel stopped and so to did Astrin both of them were breathing heavily “You’re the strongest person I’ve ever fought lets enjoy this battle”, said Aziel. “No I’m not sick and twisted like you I will avenge my father and crush your army”, replied Astrin. “Well then you’ll have to avenge your mother as well”, Aziel chuckled. “What have you done with my mother!?” yelled Astrin. “Nothing”, replied Aziel “But my father on the other hand might have, she should be in Lazarus right now having the life sucked out of her.” “I will kill you and your father”, cried Astrin. The Alysian demigod charged Aziel and swung his sword with all his might, and at that moment Astrin’s sword shined brighter than the moon ever had and cut through Aziel and his armor. Aziel dropped to his knees and looked up at Astrin is amazement as blood gushed from his chest. A glowing white hand touched Astrin on the shoulder he turned his head and saw his grand mother, the goddess of the moon, Lunessa standing behind him. “You have done well Astrin but revenge won’t solve anything”, explain Lunessa, “Calm yourself”. Astrin listened to Lunessa took a deep breathe and lowered his sword. Lunessa trapped Aziel in a sphere of light and no matter how hard Aziel struggled he couldn’t break free. “What about my mother is she in Lazarus?” asked Astrin. “Yes but we shall free her from him soon enough but first we must take care of this army”, said Lunessa. With a wave of Lunessa’s hand the Alyskins, who were fighting the demons became even stronger and quickly dealt with the rest of Aziel’s army. Trapped in the sphere Aziel watched his massive army die before his eyes he had failed his father and was stricken with shame. There was nothing left of Aziel’s army every last human and demon he had brought with him died.

Lunessa put out the fires that were consuming the city, as the Alyskins healed the wounded Alysians. All the surviving Alysians bowed before Lunessa, as she sent the souls of the deceased to Alyskus to join their ancestors. “Please Lunessa we must save her before it is to late”, cried Astrin. “Fear not Astrin, your mother will not be killed”, explained Lunessa, “Uruuk wants her alive so that he can feed of the star dust Arcnene’s body emits.” Astrin was shocked he learned about star dust from his mother it is pure energy that created the gods and was used to create Gahenna, Alyskus, and even Lazarus, but it was believed that there was none left. “I used star dust to give birth to Arcnene, Renee, and Ionis”, explained Lunessa, “But Arcnene was special, her body is able to create more star dust if Uruuk gathers it I won’t be strong enough to defeat him.” “Then how can we save her”, asked Astrin. Lunessa held on to her moonstone necklace and said “With the help of an old friend”.

Lunessa and Astrin teleported to the center of Gahenna, which was a small uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean. Lunessa started chanting in a language Astrin had never heard before, and as she did so the ground started to quake, the skies crackled with lightning, and waves crashed against the cliffs. Whirlpools formed around the island, tornadoes formed and swirled destroying the forest on the island, and lightning struck the ground repeatedly. Astrin became frightened and wondered what or who Lunessa was called upon. They walked to a cliff that was over looking the ocean and the massive whirlpool grew more and more. Lunessa’s moonstone necklace glowed and flew into the middle of the whirlpool, as it did a giant pillar of water shot up into the sky and it twisted as if it was a tornado. Suddenly the whole world froze as if time had stopped the ocean stopped moving, the tornadoes disappeared, and the sky calmed. The pillar was water crashed back in to the ocean, when the water fell a figure was standing on top of the water. The figure slowly walked toward Lunessa and Astrin “I know why you have released me Lunessa”, said the figure. “Then will you help us Xzapherus?” asked Lunessa.

Meanwhile, in Lazarus Uruuk was sucking the star dust from Arcnene’s body and was growing stronger. “With this star dust I will kill Xzapherus, make a world far greater than Gahenna ever was, and make Lunessa my bride”, said Uruuk. “What makes you think you can kill me Uruuk?” replied Xzapherus, who he Lunessa and Astrin, just appeared in Uruuk’s castle. Uruuk grew angry and charged at Xzapherus, Uruuk had fed on star dust and was stronger than Xzapherus, but Lunessa was fighting a long with Xzapherus. While the three gods were fighting Astrin ran toward his mother, and used his magic to free her from Uruuk’s magic. Arcnene fell to the ground she was very weak Uruuk had been draining her of her magic and star dust. “We have to help him he has become to strong”, explained Arcnene. Astrin joined the fight against Uruuk, but he was only a demigod and didn’t make much of a difference against Uruuk. Arcnene knew it was hopeless and used her life force to strengthen Xzapherus, Lunessa, and Astrin. They were all shocked, but continued to fight Uruuk because Arcnene had given them her life force she died. Xzapherus brought Uruuk to his knees, and powered by his mother Astrin delivered the finally blow killing Uruuk. Lunessa quickly teleported all of them to Alyskus, and when they got there Lunessa and Astrin fell to their knees and wept over Arcnene’s body. Xzapherus turned away and went to Gahenna. Xzapherus rebuilt the Alysian city New Titania, revived the forests, and brought everyone who died back to life even the humans. The god of Gahenna then banished all the humans to Lazarus.

Lunessa buried Arcnene on Alyskus, with out star dust there was nothing Lunessa could do gods didn’t have souls and so couldn’t be brought back to life, but Lunessa brought Godrick back to life, and he made Astrin the king of New Titania. The sprites had their homes and forests remade and continued to live in peace. The humans lived in Lazarus in shame, and Arina, who vowed to have revenge against the other gods, was worshipped by the humans and watched over them. Everything was put in order and there was peace on all three worlds Alyskus, Gahenna, and Lazarus.