The Elemental Gods are four gods that oversee Gahenna before and after Xzapherus is imprisoned. Xzapherus created all four gods soon after creating Gahenna. The elemental gods are Snoh, goddess of water, Suchura, goddess of Earth, Zenir, god of wind, and Ratika, goddess of metal.



Suchura, the goddess of earth, was made by Xzapherus from the earth and rock of Gahenna. She made the mountains, continents, and islands of Gahenna. It is said that every rock, pebble, and grain of sand are apart of Suchura. When Xzapherus causes the flood, Suchura saves a few sprites and helps repopulate them. Suchura becomes the god of sprites when Xzapherus is imprisoned. Her and the other elemental gods watch over the spries. When sprites die their spirits go to Suchura, and if she deams them worthy she reincarnates them, if not they become energy for Gahenna.


Snoh is the goddess of water. Xzapherus made Snoh from a little puddle of water. Snoh filled the oceans, lakes, and rivers with water. Every drop of water is apart of Snoh. Snoh stays out of conflicts on Gahenna she perfers to be left alone. Snoh helps the other elemental gods protect the sprites by giving them magical power when they sacrfice to her. Not much is known about snoh and few have seen her.


Zenir is the god of wind. Xzapherus created him from the gases on Gahenna. Zenir is air itself and wind is his weapon. Zenir always appeared in as a human teenager. He has playful do whatever he wants attitude, and listens to no one, not even Xzapherus. He later helps the other elemental gods protect the sprites, and gives them the magic of wind. Zenir is later killed by the son of uruuk, Aziel, when trying to defend the sprites from the invading human army.


Ratika is the god of metals on Gahenna. Xzapherus made her from the various metals deep inside Gahenna. Her very body is made from different metals. She makes all the armor and weapons of the gods and created moonstone, the strongest metal, and even Uruuk's lazranium. Ratika trains the sprite hero Lyren, and other sprite heroes after him. Ratika loves all sprites and is loved by all sprites. Along with the other elemental gods Ratika protects the sprites and teaches them magic.


Azriel is the sun itself and was made from the combined powers of
Xzapherus, Lunessa, and Uruuk using star dust. He shines light of Gahenna and makes life possible. Azriel doesn't get involved with conflicts between gods or mortals. His only worshippers are the human out cast, who were exiled for not worshipping Uruuk. Azriel blesses them with his power, and gives him the magic of fire.