The Three Gods

In the vast space there was nothingness no light, no dark, no life and no sound. Then two bright shining stars came into existence and they crashed into one another. The stars caused a massive explosion creating a vortex surrounded by dust from the stars. 3 celestial beings rose up from the vortex their names were Lunessa, Uruuk, and Xzapherus. They became the 3 gods of the universe. With their power they made creation how they saw fit.


Xzapherus wanted to create a home for all of them to live on and life to worship them. He created a planet and named it Gahenna. He created land, oceans, water, the skies, mountains, and forests. Wanting more life then just him and the other two gods he created animals. He made fish in the sea, birds in the sky, and other animals to walk on land. Xzapherus loved his new world, but no light shined there ,so Xzapherus and Lunessa gathered what star dust was left which carried the essence that gave birth to them and made the sun. The sun was the brightest thing ever created as the sun shone on Gahenna a new god rose out of the sun. Xzapherus named this god Azreil ,and he watched over the sun and made sure it never dimmed. Impressed by the star dust Xzapherus used the last of it to create gods from the elements on Gahenna to protect his planet. Using the star dust Xzapherus created Zenir of air, Suchura in the earth, Snoh of water, and Ratika of the worlds various metals. The newly made gods served Xzapherus and helped him keep peace on Gahenna. Xzapherus wanted to create life that wasn’t a god that would worship him and the other gods ,so Xzapherus went to his forests and from the trees he created short beings with bright green wings. Xzapherus called them sprites and gave them knowledge and the power of the forests. With their power the sprites made a home for themselves and worshipped Xzapherus. After The Flood of Gahenna, Xzapherus was imprisoned in its core for eternity. From time to time he tries to break free from his chains and causes earthquakes on the land.

Alyskus and Alysians

Lunessa inspired by the sun and Gahenna she made her own domain that was close by Gahenna and would shine bright when the days turned to night. Lunessa created the moon and its white light reflected Lunessa’s white skin and pure white hair ,and it was as beautiful as Lunessa herself. Lunessa created a large castle on the moon as her domain out of a magic moon stone she created from the strongest metal on Gahenna and stones from the moon. The new metal had a bright silver radiance that never went dark. Lunessa’s domain that she named Alyskus never went dark. Wanting a race to worship her just like Xzapherus’ sprites Lunessa asked Xzapherus if her new race could live on Gahenna being in love with her Xzapherus gave her permission. From the water on Gahenna and the light of the moon Lunessa created tall pale skinned beings with flowing white hair and long ears their eyes were pure white. Lunessa called them Alysians after her domain ,for when their life on Gahenna came to an end the were deemed to live on Alyskus with her.

Arcnene, Goddess of Magic and Wisdom Renee, Goddess of love and Ionis, Goddess of Fertility

Seeing the Alysians she had created give birth to her off spring Lunessa wanted children of her own. Not wanting to have a child by Xzapherus or Uruuk Lunessa used star dust she hid away and put it inside her and gave birth to three daughters. Lunessa named them Arcnene, Renee, and Ionis. Arcnene was the smartest and strongest of them for her body gave off star dust ,knowing this dust could create more gods Lunessa hid every last bit of star dust Arcnene produced in a jar of moon stone that had no bottom. Arcnene wanted the Alysians to be stronger so she created magic and gave them the power to use it. Arcnene became the goddess of magic and wisdom. Renee was almost as beautiful as Lunessa herself and loved the Alysians and their families she became the goddess of love. Ionis the youngest of the three made sure that the Alysians’ blood was kept pure and their child births had no defects. She watched over mothers and their families and become the god of fertility. Lunessa and her gods watched over her beloved Alysians.


Uruuk was jealous of Lunessa’s and Xzapherus’ creations and wanted to make creations of his own. With the permission of Xzapherus he appeared on Gahenna to create some life of his own. Valuing strength over beauty he wanted his creations to be stronger then the Alysians and made from him, so Uruuk cut his arm and bled onto the soil. The god’s blood mixed with the soil and Uruuk shaped it into the form he desired. Uruuk made them tall and muscular and to him far better than Lunessa’s Alysians though they had similar features. Uruuk named them Zeckta and Annalyse they were devoted to Uruuk. He called them humans and they worshipped and obeyed Uruuk without question. He gave them knowledge to think, speak, and make homes for themselves. Then Uruuk gave them dark magic and taught them how to sacrifice to him. The humans populated, built their kingdoms, worshipped Uruuk, and lived on Gahenna.

Lazarus and The Demon Lords

Wanting more than just humans to serve him Uruuk wanted stronger beings to worship him and live with him in his own domain. Uruuk made a world similar to Gahenna but much larger then it. He called this planet Lazarus and it was a barren waste land. Uruuk filled the land with Volcanoes and rivers of lava and fire , and in another part of the world with ice and snow. Uruuk decided that only worthy, loyal, and power humans could come to Lazarus when their life ended ,so he wanted to create beings to rule over the humans when they came. Out of the molten lava from the tallest volcano in Lazarus he created a fire demon and named him Elytian. Elytian ruled over the fiery lands of Lazarus and from the fire created more demons to serve him and Uruuk. In the icy wastelands of Lazarus Uruuk cut a chunk of ice out of a glacier and formed it into a female ice demon. Even though it was a demon she was beautiful and her name was Crystel. From more ice Crystel created ice maidens to serve her and rule the land. Uruuk created a land in endless darkness filled with clouds where thunder and lightning struck endlessly. From the shadows Uruuk created the shadow demon Straus. Straus was a black shade that had no true form he was a phantom that lurked in the shadows and he created more like him. Uruuk used the thunder and lightning to create two more demons Borax and Lanthanim. They were as fast as lightning and lived in the cloudy skies of Lazarus. Uruuk sent his demon lords Elytian, Crystel, Borax, Lanthanim, and Straus to go to the kingdom his humans were building to teach them more dark magic. The 5 demon lords taught them well giving them the power of their element and the ability to summon lesser demons to serve them.


Uruuk created a kingdoms in Lazarus for the deceased humans to live and serve him, though the strongest humans lived in Uruuk’s own home ,Lyrania. Lyrania was a large castle made out of the black stone that was more like a crystal then anything called lazranium that Uruuk had created. In the castle Uruuk sat on his throne dressed in his armor made out of Lazranium and moonstone he had forced Ratika to make. Lyrania had large Stadium where the humans fought in Uruuks tournament. All the humans in Lyrania fought in a bloody tournament to decide who was the strongest and to prove themselves to Uruuk. The human that was victorious won the greatest honor any human could hope for and that was to become a demon. Uruuk turned the human who won the tournament into any type of demon he wished ,and the new demon would go to serve in that type’s domain for eternity.

Alyskins Guardians of Alyskus

Fell deeper and deeper in love with her creations the Alysians that the goddess herself fell in love with one of them. He was a prince of the new Alysian kingdom Titania. His name was Alykris and he was the most handsome Alysian Lunessa ever saw and she loved him. Fearing what the other gods would think of her Lunessa turned herself into Alykris’ bride and waited in his room. Lunessa made loved to Alykris and bared his children in Alyskus and Alykris never knew. Every few nights Lunessa would do the same thing and bare more child from Alykris. She gave birth to beautiful maidens she never once had a boy. Arcnene taught them magic as well and gave them strength. Ratika made each maiden armor out of moonstone which increased their magic. The maidens were named Alyskins and they served their mother Lunessa and brought deceased Alysians to Alyskus.

Zolnir God of Spirits

Xzapherus not being able to contain himself confessed his love for Lunessa and they married. Lunessa was still giving birth to more Alyskin ,but Xzapherus never questioned it. Lunessa bore her first son by Xzapherus, they named him Zolnir. Zolnir was strong and handsome and lived with Xzapherus on Gahenna watching over the sprites. Uruuk hated Zolnir because he was the off spring of Lunessa and Xzapherus. Uruuk was jealous for he too had feelings for Lunessa, so out of envy Uruuk sent the demon lords Elytian ,Crystel ,and Straus disguised as human sorcerers into the forest to find Zolnir. Elytian burned down the forest while Crystel and Straus killed hundreds of Sprites to draw out Zolnir. Zolnir came out to face the demons disguised as humans, but Zolnir was no match and the demons killed him. Even though Zolnir was dead his spirit lived on he became the spirit of the dead. Zolnir judged where each creature would go. Zolnir sent the Alysians who worshipped Lunessa to Alyskus ,but for the Alysians who denied Lunessa, Uruuk took them and brought them to Lazarus for his demons and humans to torture and sacrifice to him. The animals and sprites were reincarnated and continued to live on Gahenna, the sprites who didn’t worship Xzapherus weren’t reincarnated and ceased to exist. It was the same for the humans. The ones who worshiped Uruuk went to Lazarus and they ones who didn’t their souls were destroyed.