Arina was a beautiful human warrior, who lived in a village named Gorerok. She was one of the strongest warriors in the village. Wanting to be stronger so that one day she could die and fight in the tournament held in Lyrania, Arina trained constantly to improve her skills. Arina had lightning fast reflexes and was a great swordsman. Arina had long black hair, dark brown eyes that showed her lust for power, and carried two swords behind her back. She wore light armor its weight didn’t slow down her movements and with a spell casted upon it, the armor was strong enough to stop an Alysian arrow.

In the cover of night Alysian warriors and sorcerers rode on their pure white horses toward Goreok. They wore dark blue cloaks covering their faces, but you could still see their shinning silver and blue armor. The Alysian sorcerers quickly used fire spells and set the builds of Goreok ablaze. Loud screaming was heard in seconds, but the Alysians didn’t hesitate. The warrior waited for the humans to run out of their homes to escape the flames, and as soon as they did the Alysian warriors cut them down. The Alysians showed no mercy, no remorse, and no pity. Women and children was no exception. The Alysians hated humans for many of their villages suffered the same fate at the hands of humans.

Goreok, Arina’s father whom the village was named after walked up to the group of Alysians. His strong expression showed no fear,and he wore a long robe, but there was black armor underneath it, he carried a long sword on his back. Not only was Goreok a warrior he was also a very strong sorcerer, who mastered ice magic from Crystel. When Goreok drew his sword it was covered in ice and with a swing of his sword snow fell from the sky. The snow put out all the fires in the village. Goreok charged the Alysians with bloodlust in his eyes. Using his magic he froze some Alysians in blocks of ice then cut them in half shattering them into pieces when they hit the ground. A female Alysian casted a barrier spell but Goreok’s ice sword was to strong and broke through the barrier. The Alysian was stabbed through the chest, then Goreok pulled out his sword and decapitated her.

One Alysian remained; he had stayed out of the battle and watched from afar. He walked toward Goreok and removed his hood, he had long silver hair and white skin, but wasn’t as pale as most Alysians were. His eyes had a bright white glow to them. “My name is Landren of the Crescent Moon,” said the Alysian. The survivors of the village were shocked they had all heard of Landren and feared him. They heard Landren was a powerful sorcerer, said to be the strongest in Titania. The rumors said he even lived in Alyskus and was trained by the goddess of magic Arcnene herself.

Goreok was well aware of who he was and did not fear him. With out a word Goreok and Landren’s swords clashed. Spell after spell was shot back and forth from both sorcerers. Goreok let his guard down and Landren seized the opportunity and cleaved Goreok’s head off. The village stood still and stayed silent in shock as Landren threw Goreok’s body over his shoulder and teleported away. Arina wept for her father was slain before her eyes, and Landren had made him look weak.

Her heart filled with hate, and Arina traveled to the City of Dis, the human capital. There she sought out one of the demon teachers that thought humans dark magic. After beating some sorcerers in battle with no magic at all Arina earned the right to be trained by the strongest shadow demon, Straus himself. Arina began her training with Straus right away. Straus brought them to Lazarus and trained Arina in his dark domain. Straus taught her shadow magic and gave her the ability to summon lesser demons to fight for her. Arina trained with Straus and master shadow magic in only two years. For most humans it took five years to master demon magic. Already a powerful sorcerer, Arina wanted more power. Arina traveled to the icy region of Lazarus to seek out Crystel, the ice demon who taught her father magic. Arina was immediately attacked by the ice maidens, but with her mastery of shadow magic she killed them in no time.

A strong icy chill ran up Arina’s spine as a loud chilling voice yelled toward her. “Who dares come into my domain and kill my ice maidens!?” said Crystel. “I am Arina daughter of Goreok. I wish to learn ice magic from you like my father before me,” said Arina. “Are you not satisfied with the shadow magic you have learned?” asked Crystel. “I need more power if I am going to avenge my father,” said Arina. A figure behind Crystel walked into the the light. Though he was now an ice demon Arina still recognized him it was her father, Goreok. “Father?” asked Arina “is that you?” “Yes, I have won the tournament in Lyrania and was turned into an ice demon by Uruuk,” said Goreok. “Not only is he now and ice demon he has become my husband,” Crystel explained. Arina was pleased to hear the news she congratulated her father and gave him praise, winning Lyrania’s tournament was a goal every human hoped to accomplish.

“You will be trained in the ways of ice magic,” said Crystel. “Your father shall teach you.” Arina was happy to see her father again and be trained by him. Arina trained with her father for three years and became even more powerful. Arina mastered ice magic and was more then satisfied with the magic she had learned. Straus gave her the sword of shadows and Crystel gave her the sword of ice. The two swords were worn behind her back and made her magic stronger. Arina said good bye to her father with the promise of presenting Landren’s head to him. Straus took Arina back to Dis; she fought with other sorcerers to test her magic. Arina defeated the sorcerers with little to no effort at all. She was very pleased now that she was powerful, hatred swelled inside of her as she remembered Landren. Knowing Landren would be in Titania, she couldn’t go there and fight him alone, that would mean her death. Arina went into the throne room with Straus by her side, for he had taken a liking to Arina and wanted to see her achieve her goal. “Why are you here? I did not summon you!” said the king of Dis. “I came to de-throne you, for you are weak and are not fit to rule over us,” said Arina. Arina walked toward the king with an evil grin on her face. The king cowered in fear and Arina chopped his head off. Arina announced she had killed the king and pronounced herself the new ruler of Dis to the whole kingdom. The sons of the king tried to stop Arina, but she killed them just like their father. The kingdom had heard of Arina’s strength and accepted her as the Queen of Dis.

Arina built a massive army; she also had demons constantly training sorcerers, and warriors constantly training. Arina planned to invade the Alysian capital Titania as soon as possible. Straus left her side to go inform her father of what she had done and her plans of war. Arina was clad in armor with demon swords behind her waist; she rode on a black steed and led her army toward Titania. Arina’s army was massive; the army had over 10,000 soldiers. It only took Arina one year to assemble this army. Arina expanded the kingdom and joined all the villages into cities, while gathering more soldiers to fight for her. With Arina’s soldiers, massive siege weapons, demons and even a dragon Arina’s shadow magic had brought back from the dead behind her Arina marched toward Titania.

Titania came into view and Arina could already hear alarms going off and bells ringing. She had taken the Alysians by surprise she made sure the city didn’t learn of their arrival by killing all the Alysian scouts. Arina ordered her siege weapons to fire upon the city. The siege catapults launched huge flaming boulders covered in magic at the walls and towers of Titania. A large section in Titania’s wall crumbled and Arina’s army quickly charged into the city. Enjoying battle Arina got off her horse and was at the front of the charge into the city. Arina and her army cut down any Alysian that came into their sights; even if they were children none were spared. Shadow demons, a gift from Straus fought along side Arina. The shadow demons were far more terrible than the humans; they mangled the Alysian’s bodies and devoured their souls. Arina loved every moment of it, and she savored it.

Arina was breathing hard and covered in blood, but she showed no signs of weakening, she fought harder and harder. No Alysian warrior or sorcerer stood a chance against Arina. Arina froze Alysian’s bodies shattered them to pieces and ate their soul. Arina was the only human able to eat souls; Straus had taught her the spell. Eating the Alysian souls increased Arina’s magical power. The dragon Arina had raised tore down towers and incinerated Alysian soldiers. With Titania being unprepared for war the city quickly fell to Arina’s armies.

The siege weapons tore down building after building and set the city on fire. Every build was destroyed and on fire, but the tallest tower was unharmed. Arina gazed at the tower it was protected by a strong barrier. Arina went to the tower alone and told her army to look for survivors to sacrifice to Uruuk. Though a barrier was on the tower it allowed Arina to walk in. Arina knew that Landren was in the tower and had been waiting for her, Arina was excited and her eyes were filled with hate. Arina reached the top of the tower, and there stood Landren and two Alysians wearing dark cloaks with hoods covering their faces. The two Alysians charged at Arina, but with no fear she pulled out her sword and fought the Alysians. The two Alysians were strong but they didn’t stand a chance against Arina. Arina froze the entire room from the floor to the ceiling and even the two Alysians were frozen. Arina sucked out their souls, ate them, and then shattered them to pieces.

Arina stared at Landren with more hate in her eyes then he had ever seen.”You went this far all for revenge?” asked Landren, “You slaughtered my people and destroyed my city”. “Of course I did. I hate you and all Alysians,” said Arina,”It has always been this way. Our gods hate each other its only natural their creations are in constant battle.” “I don’t care if it takes me thousands of years I will kill all you humans!” yelled Landren. Landren charged Arina with his sword in his hand and casted spells with the other. Arina quickly summoned two ice maidens and charged at Landren. Landren was being overwhelmed, but he managed to kill the two ice maidens. Arina had severely wounded Landren, there was a large slashed across his chest, and he was bleeding heavily. Arina had deep cuts on her arms and legs, but her injures were minor. Landren casted a fire spell at Arina but it only hit a shadow image of heself she had created. Arina came out was Landren’s shadow and sliced off his legs. Landren desperately attempted to crawl away, but Arina stabbed him in the back and cut off his head.

Arina ripped Landren’s soul out of his lifeless body and sealed it into his own sword, she planned to give the soul to Uruuk for him to torture. Arina picked up Landren’s head and put it in a bag. She walked up to her massive army, pulled out the head and presented it to them. Arina’s armies cheered in triumph and praised their mighty Queen. Arina’s father Goreok and Uruuk himself appeared before Arina and her army. “You have done well Arina, you did what i thought would be impossible for humans,” said Uruuk. “You are the strongest human ever born.” Arina kneeled before Uruuk and handed him the sword with Landren’s soul sealed inside it. Uruuk ripped out the soul and gave it to Straus, who took the soul and went back to Lazarus. Arina showed her father the head, Goreok was very proud of her daughter for doing what he failed to accomplish.

“Arina how would you like to become my wife?” asked Uruuk. “You will become a god and live with me in Lazarus. Arina was filled with joy and quickly answered Uruuk. “I could wish for nothing more,” replied Arina. So Uruuk took Arina to Lazarus and married her. Arina became the god of war; whenever humans fought in a war Arina was there to lead them.